Flic 2 + hub + IFTTT

  • Not sure if I’m doing anything wrong, have the new Flic 2 buttons and a hub. Trying to get integration with IFTTT to work.

    Downloaded the IFTTT app and wanted to try something simple as Notification on the phone when pressing the Flic button. I’ve setup the IFTTT so when pressing the Flic button the IFTTT Notification should popup, but nothing happens when I press the button. Tried the Flic IFTTT SMS Service as well, nothing.

    The Check now-button in IFTTT doesn’t do anything either.
    I’m using iOS and have button added to the hub in Flic and it can do actions like start Sonos or turn on/off lights for IKEA Tradfri so the button itself works.

  • @lucky sorry for late reply! No I did not solve this, I don’t understand what I need to do on the Flic button to get it to work.

    There’s only Tags that can be added, don’t know what that means 😭

  • Hi was this ever resolved? I'm having the same issue.

  • @Emil hmm, how do I do that?
    Take Notifications as an example. I add the “Get notification when a Flic is pushed” in IFTTT, set the button by name and Click Type.

    What do I do in Flic then? If I add IFTTT to the button, all I can set in the app is Tags, how do they work?




  • FlicTeam

    Have you assigned the IFTTT action for the specific Flic in the Flic app?

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